Press Conference and Project Presentation

May 12, 2023

On Thursday, May 11th, a project presentation for “Digital Literacy Revolution” was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Zagreb.

Through the project, it is planned to distribute 15,000 micro:bits to 300 primary schools across Croatia and organize training for 1,200 teachers and librarians.

The goal of the project is to educate teachers and children to help new generations develop the skills needed to master upcoming technologies (such as artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, etc.), thereby radically improving equal opportunities and opportunities for success for the next generation of leaders in new technologies.

Micro:bits will be used in this project intrasubject and transsubject without changing the curriculum. Micro:bit is an educational tool for processing existing content in a digitally creative way, so there is no need to change the curriculum to participate in the project.

A statement for the media was given by Ivan Vidaković, the project manager on behalf of the Rotary Club Zagreb Centar:

“Croatia is among the first countries in the world to adopt micro:bit in education, and according to our knowledge, this is the first national implementation of micro:bit from grades 1 to 4 in elementary schools. This project is an excellent example of how the introduction of modern tools and innovations into the education system can be achieved through civil society initiatives, in collaboration with the state and partner organizations. I would like to thank all Rotarians and Rotary clubs worldwide who have recognized the potential of this project and joined this initiative. I especially want to thank and commend the Croatian company partners in the project: Telemach, Infobip GDI, Croatian Post, Algebra, Comping, Storm Computers, CADCAM, SD Informatika, Five, Megatrend, Serengeti, Photomath, Altimu, and Shape 404.”

A statement was also given by the CEO of Telemach Croatia, Adrian Ježina:

“Telemach’s continuous investments in technological development are the basis for creating a digitally advanced society. By encouraging STEM skills from an early age, especially in children and young people, we ensure the driving force and conditions for their development and growth. If we want future creators of a modern society with better opportunities, we must provide them with opportunities, open space for critical thinking, and provide digital tools with which they will shape our future, regardless of the areas in which they will become experts – teachers, programmers, game designers. This project is precisely the answer to the future that we are collectively creating today, and I am extremely proud to participate in this commendable project.”

“The Digital Literacy Revolution” is a project of the Rotary Club Zagreb Centar in partnership with the Institute for Youth Development and Innovation – IRIM and the Ministry of Science and Education, with the support of The Rotary Foundation, Rotary District 1913, and 35 Rotary clubs and districts from Croatia and abroad (USA, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, and the Netherlands). The project is valued at nearly 390,000 USD and is supported and sponsored by leading Croatian ICT companies.

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